Guidelines for new teams

The IOAA is an international competition at which national-level teams represent their country. The IOAA can usually only accept one team from each country, except for a traditional  'junior' team from the host country.

If you are considering sending a team to an IOAA, please first check whether your country has sent a team before. If so, then you should contact those team leaders and organisers first: they may be organising a team already, or be able to help. The LOC and IOAA Secretary may be able to provide contact information if necessary.

If there has not been a team before, or the team appeared at an early IOAA and has not participated since and no contact is possible, then you can organise a new team. Please familiarise yourself with the statutes and previous events and contact the LOC of the IOAA with any questions you may have.

Please also take the time to look over the questions from previous years to get an idea of the level of difficulty.

Instead of sending a full team, you may prefer to send a smaller, partial team initially (several countries have done this in the past) or just send observers without sending participants. Again, please study the statutes and contact the LOC.

We look forward to seeing new participants at future IOAAs!