The idea for the IOAA arose among representatives of Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, China and Poland attending the International Physics Olympiad, both as a high-standard competition for high-school students and as a means to promote astronomy and astrophysics in education. The first IOAA was held in Thailand in 2007, followed annually by events in Indonesia, Iran and China an Poland. The  6th IOAAwill be held in Brazil in 2012.

2011 marked the end of the five year terms of office for the President and General Secretary of the IOAA. As a result, elections were held - more information on the elections page.

Information on the previous Olympiads is available on the web at: 

http://www.ioaa.info/ (Thailand, 2007)

http://www.ioaa2.itb.ac.id/ (Indonesia, 2008) 

http://www.ioaa2009.ir/ (Iran, 2009) 

http://www.ioaa2010.cn/ (China, 2010)

http://www.ioaa2011.pl/ (Poland, 2011)

http://www.ioaa2012.ufrj.br/ (Brazil, 2012)



4th IOAA Medals Ceremony

Medals Ceremony at the 4th IOAA, China, 2010