The IOAA Syllabus governs (in broad terms) the subjects which may be covered in questions during the competition. It has been chosen to be acceptable to a broad range of students from a variety of educational backgrounds, while still challenging their knowledge and abilities.

The syllabus which applied during the first five IOAAs is available for download: IOAA Syllabus.pdf.

During 2010-2011, a working group of team leaders appointed by the International Board (Thais Mothe Diniz, Slobodan Ninkovic, Greg Stachowski and Aniket Sule) and chaired by the then Secretary, Chatief Kunjaya, revised the Syllabus. The revised Syllabus was accepted by the International Board during the 5th IOAA in Poland and will apply during the 6th IOAA in Brazil. It will be posted here shortly.